Buying Quality Materials For Your Yacht

It goes without saying that if you want your yacht to be stronger, lighter and more competitive then you ought to select the right raw materials for its construction. One of the most important materials that you need to shop for when it comes to building a boat or yacht is the sandwich composite materials as these are the key to maximizing the performance of the vessel, reducing its weight, reducing its cost of construction, increasing its payload capacity, facilitating higher speed and optimizing its power demand.

If you want to select the best sandwich-composite material for your boat then you need to look for Divinycell. This is a recyclable prepreg-compatible sandwich core that is suitable for building private as well as commercial yachts and vessels. Commonly used for manufacturing aircrafts, Divinycell comes with impressive Fire, Smoke & Toxicity properties. It improves the performance of vessel while reducing its environmental impact. Other advantages offered by Divinycell cores are good chemical-resistance, fatigue life and heat ageing. Thus, you don’t have to think twice when it comes to investing in Divinycell for your yacht or boat!

Of course, it isn’t only about sandwich composite-materials when it comes to the task of building a yacht. You also need to shop for other materials such as the Coosa board. These high density boards made out of polyurethane foam comes with fiberglass, which is an additional bonus. These boards are extremely rigid and they are 30-40% lighter than regular plywood, which is why they are a good substitute for the latter. When you use Coosa board for your yacht, you won’t have to worry about water infestation or rotting as the board offers less than 1% water absorption! It is also resistant to mold, algae and mildew. The best reason to opt for these is that they require very little maintenance!

You cannot build a yacht without painting it, thus it is necessary to invest in Awlgrip products while you’re at it. Awlgrip has a reputation for offering good paints for yachts. The superior quality paints from Awlgrip are perfect for yachts as they offer a professional finish. These colors offer lasting gloss and impressive color retention qualities in addition to good chemical resistance. They can be applied either through spray bottles or with a brush/roller. The good thing about Awlgrip paints is that they are easy to apply and they dry very fast. What’s more, they also provide a buffable finish!